Friday 24 September 2010

History of Mystery & Wayne Dobson Lecture

History of Mystery - Geoff Hunt Reports:
A talk by Peter Lane the rise and fall of the aquarium opposite the Houses of Parliament.

There were Freak Shows, Sword swallows, fish tanks were used. Trapeze artists.

Many magicians appeared there. All day appearances from noon till dark. More like a fairground. Closed in 1903, and was open for 27 years!

Chris Brinson: A new Book: In search of altered Owen Clark. Owen: Inventor of colour changing silk and over 100 tricks. First magician to be awarded a gold medal.

Wayne Dobson Lecture - Matt Parro Reports:
Wayne with Michael Fitch presented an interesting lecture talking about waynes life on television with demonstrations of his famous and favorite tricks

A big projector was set up to watch Wayne's video clips from his TV days! And from these there were About 5 tricks revealed.

I thought this lecture was well presented. It managed to hold the attention of the room.
Amongst the tricks revealed was 5 card repeat, and a card stab effect called nailed!

A goodie bag with £90 worth of magic for only £10, a bargain!

- Matt 7/10

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