Sunday 26 September 2010

Final Thoughts on IBM Magic Convention Eastbourne 2010

Unfortunately the the answer is ...mostly... No

Matt's Thoughts:
So the convention is over and there is a lot to talk about. The IBM Eastbourne was the first convention I attended back in 2004. I have always enjoyed the convention, and will always have a soft spot for it because it was my first convention, oh and its only down the road. This year there was the worst convention I have attended and the attendance was a lot less than previous IBM Eastbourne conventions. So why was this? In my opinion it is a combination of things:

- 5 days of magic when it could be 4 days.
- Expensive ticket price, especially daily rate, no dealers hall only ticket.
- Not enough 5 star performers/performances.
- Poor programme design and website design.
- No e-mail updates.

Although there were these problems, there were some good parts, 75% of these involved the super talented Charlie Frye. So what happens now for Eastbourne 2012 with rumours of lack of funds, a decreasing number of attendees and with the majority of magicians that will be attending Blackpool and FISM in the same year it's not looking good for the IBM. I don't want to see the convention that got me going to conventions fading away! But it is in need of a shake up. We know it, 90% of the magicians that attended know it, and the IBM knows it. REVAMP REQUIRED.

Stuart's Thoughts:
Coming Soon

Geoff's Thoughts:
Coming Soon
The Dealers

To sum this section up, there was not much choice. None of the huge names were there such as Alakazam,, World Magic Shop.
Saying this there were still some great stalls!. Craig Petty, Ethan Leeds and Russell leeds stand with Craig's new DVD slim out!

The Magic Company -

And the brilliant Razamatazz which was the winner of the best dealer stand (Which can be seen below!) They have some excellent props, they are the future of children's magic - Fresh, Fun and Funky. Be ahead of the game and keep magic living! Andy and sue have just released a new motorised rabbit, yes before you ask it is a lot of money! Is it worth it? Well... do you want the gigs? If the answer is yes and you want the edge on your competition order one today -

Sunday 26th September Programme

09.45 Church Service (Gold Room) - UNATTENDED
11.00 Stars of the Future Show (Floral Hall) - UNATTENDED

Followed by Close of Convention

Saturday 25 September 2010

The Ali Bongo Gala of Magic & Variety

As always here are our scores out of 10 for the Gala show hosted by Rich Bloch.

Richard Forget: Matt=7 Stuart=7 Geoff=8
Flip: Matt=5 Stuart=4 Geoff=7
Matt Johnson: Matt=6 Stuart=6 Geoff=4
Charlie Frye & Co.: Matt=8.5 Stuart=10 Geoff=10
Cyril Harvey: Matt=5 Stuart=6 Geoff=8
Black Fingers: Matt=7 Stuart=7 Geoff=8
Manuele Muerte: Matt=1 Stuart=1 Geoff=7
Sooty & Richard Cadell: Matt=7 Stuart=7 Geoff=8
Julius Frack: Matt=5 Stuart=6 Geoff=9

More detailed comments to come.
Give us your views and scores.

Martin Eisele Lecture

Geoff made a list of what went down at the Martin Eisele Lecture, here is the list of effects:
Opened with a card trick
Coins in glass version of Matrix
Dice Matrix
And a card stack trick.

Ian Keable Lecture

I didn't go to see this as Ian is lecturing for us at the Sussex Magic Circle soon and I didn't want to spoil the surprise.

Jimmy Carlo Lecture

Coming Soon.

International Close Up Gala

Photo: Manuel Muerte

Geoff Watched the International Close Up Gala. Here are his thoughts:

Rich Bloch (USA): One of my favourite Americans opened with a thumb tip gag. Then a story about Yaurkito a Japanese Magician Rich then demonstrated his effect duplicating a signature blindfolded.

Matt Johnson (Canada): Fellow Bloggers came up to help Matt Johnson. Paul, Alex and Hugh were also up on stage. His Humour was brash and not to everyone's taste. But his magic was out of the top drawer. Loved you as YMCA fellas!

Martin Eisle (Germany): Started with a coin trick then a matrix, used jumbo coins and cards finished with a deck and soft toys. (All performed to an audio speech track)

Charlie Frye (USA): Blue chip performer, coins cards intermixed with juggling skills. Superb - Five star performer.

Sean Carpenter (UK): Card Tricks with assistant and humour - Blindfolded card selections.

Manuel Muerte (Germany): Cigarette trick colour changing tie. Mice everywhere. Quick, clever, funny. A master of his craft!

Children's Magic Showtime - Video Review

Cyril Harvey

Geoff Comments:
Very innovative and interesting. If you want something different buy his ideas. LEDs, Pulls, Magnets are used in abundance, One could become very attracted to him excuse the pun.

Saturday's Programme

10:00. Cyril Harvey
10:30. Children's Magic Showtime
11:30. International Close-up
12:45. Grand Auction
14:30. Jimmy Carlo
14:45. Ian Keable
15:50. Junior Workshop
16:00. Martin Eisele
20:00. Ali Bongo Gala of Magic

Competition Results

Micro Marathon
Barat Pattel

Razzmatazz Magic

Close up
3. Mel Harvey
2. Will Gray
1. Alex Hansford
Rovi. Alex Hansford
(I'm very disappointed Craig Petty wasn't placed)

3. Oliver Tabor
2. Edward Hilsum
1. Romany
Comedy. Carl & Dave

Late Night Gala

Danny Buckler introduced:

Ian Keable
Who performed his usual polished act, with some additional current and cutting remarks, very funny and very magical as always.

Steve Hewlett
This is the second time I've seen Steve, the first time he was really funny, tonight he was hilarious, some excellent comedy lines.

A themed act with costume changes, a few fumbles but on the whole okay, a rather sexy act.

The Great Nardini
As always these two deliver, I can't remember how many times vie now seen the act, but every time it's as funny as the first time. I don't think I'll ever tire of this wonderful routine.

As for Danny as compere, what can I say except he was brilliant, his humour was current cutting and most importantly darn funny. He should become a permanent fixture to the IBM. By far the best emcee this week.

- Stu

Friday 24 September 2010

History of Mystery & Wayne Dobson Lecture

History of Mystery - Geoff Hunt Reports:
A talk by Peter Lane the rise and fall of the aquarium opposite the Houses of Parliament.

There were Freak Shows, Sword swallows, fish tanks were used. Trapeze artists.

Many magicians appeared there. All day appearances from noon till dark. More like a fairground. Closed in 1903, and was open for 27 years!

Chris Brinson: A new Book: In search of altered Owen Clark. Owen: Inventor of colour changing silk and over 100 tricks. First magician to be awarded a gold medal.

Wayne Dobson Lecture - Matt Parro Reports:
Wayne with Michael Fitch presented an interesting lecture talking about waynes life on television with demonstrations of his famous and favorite tricks

A big projector was set up to watch Wayne's video clips from his TV days! And from these there were About 5 tricks revealed.

I thought this lecture was well presented. It managed to hold the attention of the room.
Amongst the tricks revealed was 5 card repeat, and a card stab effect called nailed!

A goodie bag with £90 worth of magic for only £10, a bargain!

- Matt 7/10

Rich Bloch Lecture

Geoff reports:

Some good advice about props and your personality. A nice easy 4 ace effect, A sure fire force by Trevor Lewis. Torn and restored business card. Shooting a card over on the table using a gun/wind! A really funny card location with audience participation.

IBM AGM & Derek Lever

Thursdays Programme

09.15 Annual General Meetibg (Floral Hall)
09.30 - 17.30 Dealers open (Exhibition Halls)
10.30 Atkins Memorial Lecture: Derek Lever (Congress Theatre)
12.00 Lecture: Rich Bloch (Floral Hall)
14.00 Lecture: Wayne Dobson (Congress Theatre)
15.15 History of Mystery (Congress Theatre)
15.30 Workshops: Balloon & Escapology (Congress Suite & Floral Hall)
18.30 for 19.00 Gala Dinner (Gold Room)
20.00 Films (Floral Hall)
22.00 Awards and Late Gala (Congress Theatre)

Thursday 23 September 2010

British Ring Stage Competition

Oliver Tabor
Excellent classic magic themed as a music act, very good indeed.
Stu: 9 Matt: 7 Paul: 8.3

Piff the tragic dragon (canceled due to a paying gig)
Stu: 0 Matt: 0 Paul: 0

Chris Philpott
Nothing original done badly, the best bit was when there was too much smoke and we couldn't see the act. Appropriately set in a graveyard.
Stu: 1 Matt: 0.5 Paul: 1

The "Amazing?" Stephen
Stephen did the same eye routine he did in his close-up competition, the jokes weren't any better the second time around.
Stu: 1 Matt: 0 Paul: 0

Performed a longer version of his 'Britains got talent' sword act, but also including his translation routine he did in close up here a few years back, very good, and Marcus looked truly terrified.
Stu: 7 Matt: 6 Paul: 4.8


Carl & Dave
A good funny act including levitations and a fabulous person switch.
Stu: 8 Matt: 7.5 Paul: 7.8

Although this was mainly her set act she had added a few bits since I last saw it. Well performed as always.
Stu: 7 Matt: 7 Paul: 8

Lynn Thomas
As he over ran at the last Eastbourne he kept his act very short, although the story he told seemed very long.
Stu: 2 Matt: 2 Paul: 4

When I first saw this act around 4 years ago I thought it was new and original and might look good when perfected. I'm still waiting, to any illusionists out there, if you can't dance, don't try!
Stu: 5 Matt: 6.5 Paul: 6

Edward Hilsum
A nice classic act although it did lack a little energy. Some nice dove work, but why do all dove workers end their act with the same effect?
Stu: 7 Matt: 6 Paul: 7

Compared by Michael Jordan (not the basketball player)

- Posted by Stu


Little Italy... Big Applause...

For Paul Gordon's Head to head poker...
Paul taught us all a great poker deal routine after out Italian meal today, it's self working and a real worker, if you see Paul ask for a demo, or see it on his Card Startlers DVD.

-- Stu

Manuel Muerte

Stuart is currently on stage with Manuel we will find out what he thinks when he has finished being a star.

I'm back from my IBM stage debut, Manuel was a great guy to work with and I think he learnt loads from me ;) He performed loads of good effects including bill to lemon and bill changes and a nice two cup and ball routine. I was quite surprised how doable his routines were as I was expecting some real knuckle buckling stuff. All in all well worth watching and I got the best seat in the house.

-- Stu

Close Up Competition

Here are our score out of 10 our Eastbourne magician friend Paul is helping us score. So just so it makes sense M=Matt P=Paul S=Stuart G=Geoff.

John Van Der Put: M7 P5 S7 G6
Will Gray: M6 P6 S7 G5
Craig Petty: M8 P7 S8 G7
Stephen Ablett: M4 P3 S4 G7
Alex Hansford: M7.5 P7 S7 G9
Hayashi: M4 P5.5 S5 G7
Dave Stevenson: M6 P7.5 S6 G6
Stewart St Paul Bevan: M6 P4 S5 G5
Mel Harvey: M8 P7 S8 G9

Want to know who the winners were? Look above in results post.

Charlie Frye Lecture - Video Review

Charlie in action

Thursday 23rd September Programme

09.30 Dealer Demonstration
10.30 - 17.30 Dealers open
11.00 Lecture: Charlie Frye
13.30 Close-up Competition
14.00 Ladies’ Afternoon
14.00 Hospital Shows
14.15 Lecture: Matt Johnson
16.00 Lecture: Manuel Muerte
20.00 Stage Competition

Wednesday Cabaret Night Video Review

Filmed on the IPhone 4

Wednesday 22 September 2010

Micro Marathon

Me and Stuart booked into our hotel and walked back and forth from our cars for what felt like 12 which seemed miles away. Eastbourne now has pay and display everywhere! Does it need it... NO!

Anyway... We met up with a friend of our's called Paul M. who was watching the Micro Marathon. 20 magicians perform a trick(s) each around a selection of tables and the spectators vote on who they think are the best! It's that simple.

So what did I miss whilst walking to my car 12 times. Paul filled me in... numerous cards to mouth, a professors nightmare gone wrong, someone being slapped in the face with a silk. By this time I had arrived and managed to see a balloon flower and card pass after pass concealed by a table. There was one magician who performed a few clean card tricks and a fire wallet that had the biggest flame I've seen! On the whole from what I heard and what I saw the quality of the majority of the performers was poor but they're were a few diamonds in there. What did you think? Who was your favourite? Who should have stayed at home?

We will reveal the winner, as soon as we know.

Bob Yelland - Strategic Marketing for Magicians

I wanted to make this talk, but I was already in the dealers and ended up staying in there longer than planned. If you attended this workshop we would like to know what you thought in the comments below.

I caught up with a magician that watched the lecture, click below to hear the audio.
(Audio coming soon)

Craig Petty - Slim

Check out Craig's awesome Slim DVD, and look out for the great easy bonus effect Sunburnt. Best effect of the convention so far.

Location:Eastbourne,United Kingdom

Flip Lecture

Flip Lecture on "flexing" (The art of using the jacket as a servants by sleeving and pocketing and as a cover)

Flip started performing a vanishing and appearing wand routine using his flip stick move with variations of the move making it look different each time.

After this he performed a collection of vanishing appearing and colour changing pens, lighters and miniature bottles.
Flip also demonstrated his idea on the bounce no bounce balls and a way of performing it with only one hand by sleeving the other ball.

Flip then performed a rope routine and an eviromental lightbulb trick again using the jacket, sleeving and the frlipstick move!

A good lecture that surprised me! A lot of material in this lectue get your jacket on and get infront of the mirror!
My favorite part of the lecture was the colour changing lighters! A very commercial routine.



The Opening Show

Featuring Peter Scarlett who introduced:

Paul Dabek
This comprised of old school act which was mostly polished but had some errors and drops. Nice recovery after a lost dove.

Stephen Williams
Patter act including five card repeat, coat hangers (a trick for one person), ring on rope.

Andrew Green
Nice shadow box illusion to start and closed with the x-factor, a well presented act. Matt's favourite part was the candle routine.

Peter performed the first professors nightmare (unequal ropes) of the convention and I doubt the last. Matt very much hopes it is the last.

- Posted by Stu

Friday 17 September 2010

Getting ready for IBM Eastbourne 2010

Hi all, just managed to book hotel rooms for the convention next week, I left it a little late this year so helped out. So here's what we can expect for our first day on Wednesday (although it's subject to change):

10.30 Registration opens (Congress Foyer)
14.00 Official Opening & Opening Show (Congress Theatre)
15.00 - 17.30 Dealers open (Exhibition Halls)
15.30 Lecture: Flip (Congress Theatre)
16.45 Marketing Workshop (Congress Suite)
20.00 Micro Marathon (Floral Hall)
21.30 Cabaret Night (Floral Hall)

See you there