Sunday 26 September 2010

Final Thoughts on IBM Magic Convention Eastbourne 2010

Unfortunately the the answer is ...mostly... No

Matt's Thoughts:
So the convention is over and there is a lot to talk about. The IBM Eastbourne was the first convention I attended back in 2004. I have always enjoyed the convention, and will always have a soft spot for it because it was my first convention, oh and its only down the road. This year there was the worst convention I have attended and the attendance was a lot less than previous IBM Eastbourne conventions. So why was this? In my opinion it is a combination of things:

- 5 days of magic when it could be 4 days.
- Expensive ticket price, especially daily rate, no dealers hall only ticket.
- Not enough 5 star performers/performances.
- Poor programme design and website design.
- No e-mail updates.

Although there were these problems, there were some good parts, 75% of these involved the super talented Charlie Frye. So what happens now for Eastbourne 2012 with rumours of lack of funds, a decreasing number of attendees and with the majority of magicians that will be attending Blackpool and FISM in the same year it's not looking good for the IBM. I don't want to see the convention that got me going to conventions fading away! But it is in need of a shake up. We know it, 90% of the magicians that attended know it, and the IBM knows it. REVAMP REQUIRED.

Stuart's Thoughts:
Coming Soon

Geoff's Thoughts:
Coming Soon
The Dealers

To sum this section up, there was not much choice. None of the huge names were there such as Alakazam,, World Magic Shop.
Saying this there were still some great stalls!. Craig Petty, Ethan Leeds and Russell leeds stand with Craig's new DVD slim out!

The Magic Company -

And the brilliant Razamatazz which was the winner of the best dealer stand (Which can be seen below!) They have some excellent props, they are the future of children's magic - Fresh, Fun and Funky. Be ahead of the game and keep magic living! Andy and sue have just released a new motorised rabbit, yes before you ask it is a lot of money! Is it worth it? Well... do you want the gigs? If the answer is yes and you want the edge on your competition order one today -

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