Thursday 23 September 2010

British Ring Stage Competition

Oliver Tabor
Excellent classic magic themed as a music act, very good indeed.
Stu: 9 Matt: 7 Paul: 8.3

Piff the tragic dragon (canceled due to a paying gig)
Stu: 0 Matt: 0 Paul: 0

Chris Philpott
Nothing original done badly, the best bit was when there was too much smoke and we couldn't see the act. Appropriately set in a graveyard.
Stu: 1 Matt: 0.5 Paul: 1

The "Amazing?" Stephen
Stephen did the same eye routine he did in his close-up competition, the jokes weren't any better the second time around.
Stu: 1 Matt: 0 Paul: 0

Performed a longer version of his 'Britains got talent' sword act, but also including his translation routine he did in close up here a few years back, very good, and Marcus looked truly terrified.
Stu: 7 Matt: 6 Paul: 4.8


Carl & Dave
A good funny act including levitations and a fabulous person switch.
Stu: 8 Matt: 7.5 Paul: 7.8

Although this was mainly her set act she had added a few bits since I last saw it. Well performed as always.
Stu: 7 Matt: 7 Paul: 8

Lynn Thomas
As he over ran at the last Eastbourne he kept his act very short, although the story he told seemed very long.
Stu: 2 Matt: 2 Paul: 4

When I first saw this act around 4 years ago I thought it was new and original and might look good when perfected. I'm still waiting, to any illusionists out there, if you can't dance, don't try!
Stu: 5 Matt: 6.5 Paul: 6

Edward Hilsum
A nice classic act although it did lack a little energy. Some nice dove work, but why do all dove workers end their act with the same effect?
Stu: 7 Matt: 6 Paul: 7

Compared by Michael Jordan (not the basketball player)

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