Thursday 23 September 2010

Close Up Competition

Here are our score out of 10 our Eastbourne magician friend Paul is helping us score. So just so it makes sense M=Matt P=Paul S=Stuart G=Geoff.

John Van Der Put: M7 P5 S7 G6
Will Gray: M6 P6 S7 G5
Craig Petty: M8 P7 S8 G7
Stephen Ablett: M4 P3 S4 G7
Alex Hansford: M7.5 P7 S7 G9
Hayashi: M4 P5.5 S5 G7
Dave Stevenson: M6 P7.5 S6 G6
Stewart St Paul Bevan: M6 P4 S5 G5
Mel Harvey: M8 P7 S8 G9

Want to know who the winners were? Look above in results post.

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