Saturday 25 September 2010

The Ali Bongo Gala of Magic & Variety

As always here are our scores out of 10 for the Gala show hosted by Rich Bloch.

Richard Forget: Matt=7 Stuart=7 Geoff=8
Flip: Matt=5 Stuart=4 Geoff=7
Matt Johnson: Matt=6 Stuart=6 Geoff=4
Charlie Frye & Co.: Matt=8.5 Stuart=10 Geoff=10
Cyril Harvey: Matt=5 Stuart=6 Geoff=8
Black Fingers: Matt=7 Stuart=7 Geoff=8
Manuele Muerte: Matt=1 Stuart=1 Geoff=7
Sooty & Richard Cadell: Matt=7 Stuart=7 Geoff=8
Julius Frack: Matt=5 Stuart=6 Geoff=9

More detailed comments to come.
Give us your views and scores.

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