Wednesday 22 September 2010

Flip Lecture

Flip Lecture on "flexing" (The art of using the jacket as a servants by sleeving and pocketing and as a cover)

Flip started performing a vanishing and appearing wand routine using his flip stick move with variations of the move making it look different each time.

After this he performed a collection of vanishing appearing and colour changing pens, lighters and miniature bottles.
Flip also demonstrated his idea on the bounce no bounce balls and a way of performing it with only one hand by sleeving the other ball.

Flip then performed a rope routine and an eviromental lightbulb trick again using the jacket, sleeving and the frlipstick move!

A good lecture that surprised me! A lot of material in this lectue get your jacket on and get infront of the mirror!
My favorite part of the lecture was the colour changing lighters! A very commercial routine.



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