Wednesday 22 September 2010

Micro Marathon

Me and Stuart booked into our hotel and walked back and forth from our cars for what felt like 12 which seemed miles away. Eastbourne now has pay and display everywhere! Does it need it... NO!

Anyway... We met up with a friend of our's called Paul M. who was watching the Micro Marathon. 20 magicians perform a trick(s) each around a selection of tables and the spectators vote on who they think are the best! It's that simple.

So what did I miss whilst walking to my car 12 times. Paul filled me in... numerous cards to mouth, a professors nightmare gone wrong, someone being slapped in the face with a silk. By this time I had arrived and managed to see a balloon flower and card pass after pass concealed by a table. There was one magician who performed a few clean card tricks and a fire wallet that had the biggest flame I've seen! On the whole from what I heard and what I saw the quality of the majority of the performers was poor but they're were a few diamonds in there. What did you think? Who was your favourite? Who should have stayed at home?

We will reveal the winner, as soon as we know.

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