Saturday 25 September 2010

International Close Up Gala

Photo: Manuel Muerte

Geoff Watched the International Close Up Gala. Here are his thoughts:

Rich Bloch (USA): One of my favourite Americans opened with a thumb tip gag. Then a story about Yaurkito a Japanese Magician Rich then demonstrated his effect duplicating a signature blindfolded.

Matt Johnson (Canada): Fellow Bloggers came up to help Matt Johnson. Paul, Alex and Hugh were also up on stage. His Humour was brash and not to everyone's taste. But his magic was out of the top drawer. Loved you as YMCA fellas!

Martin Eisle (Germany): Started with a coin trick then a matrix, used jumbo coins and cards finished with a deck and soft toys. (All performed to an audio speech track)

Charlie Frye (USA): Blue chip performer, coins cards intermixed with juggling skills. Superb - Five star performer.

Sean Carpenter (UK): Card Tricks with assistant and humour - Blindfolded card selections.

Manuel Muerte (Germany): Cigarette trick colour changing tie. Mice everywhere. Quick, clever, funny. A master of his craft!

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